The Innocence of a kid

I saw a kid begging just outside my car window when I realized that I had seen that girl earlier. She went missing in the crowd still somehow I managed to find her out. She was roughly 6yrs or 7.Her frock was torn out and her hair was messy. I took her on my lap and asked her about her parents but she didn’t reply. Then I took her to my house and gave her chocolates. She happily accepted them. I was trying hard to recall the face of the person to whom this child belonged. I asked her politely, ‘ Where is your house?’ She looked up and pointed towards a one storeyed house. I was shocked as it was the house of the local electrician, Ajay. A few years ago one fine day he came running to me saying that he was going to become a father soon. He was so excited and was asking me what name he should give to his son. I asked what if she had a daughter. The thing irritated him. Our society is make dominated and so was his thoughts. But it doesn’t mean that one is going to throw his daughter out of the house asking her to beg. I went to his house, not taking the kid and asked him to bring his child as I bought some chocolates for him. He said they he has no child. I was shocked. By the afternoon I made up my mind that I am going to file a complaint against him. I had a picture of Ajay. I took the girl along with me to the police station and showed her his picture. She accepted that he was her father. The police went to his house with an arrest warrant. They searched and found some proofs against him. A birth certificate, certifying the kid’s birth. His wife also accepted it. Ajay was arrested. The girl was crying bitterly and begging the police officers not to take away her dad. She has tasted enough of pain and separation in these 6yrs. She knew the value of money and love. The police took her father away saying that he will come by the evening. She was holding my hand and suddenly pulled it towards hers and asked for chocolates. I took her to the store and she chose her favourite chocolates. Her hand was soft, she was pure. Her father did so wrong to her still she wanted to save him. I realized ‘Till the hearts are pure, the faithful hands never betray.’




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