Helping Hands

There are innumerable number of people who have no shelter to live ,food to eat and the worst thing is that they don’t even have access to clean water .But still most of us spend so lavishly on weddings even though we are aware that it’s just a mere wastage of money nothing else .We spend a hefty amount just to gratify our so called ‘relatives ‘ .And the ironical part is that these people still don’t get pleased and end up finding flaws in one or the other thing .We can’t even imagine that how nasty it turns out to be .Is this what we are going to teach our future generations ? how gross can we be ..Are we going to teach them to spend such a big amount on gifting jewels to their relatives …Like seriously? 🙄This is not what a literate person should do…These big fat Indian weddings where people end up paying out so much for the pleasure of one day! Oh my goodness…How foolish can we be? Is it so imp to flaunt? Can’t we spend the money in a much much better way by helping the people who are in real need of it…By doing so you would literally give so much happiness to them and by hosting this ‘fashion show ‘where people come dressed up to belittle others, you are committing a sin (yes it’s a sin) …Rather spend your money on these needy people who would bless you with all their heart inspite of looking for the shortcomings..Marriage can even be done in a simpler manner…Helping the people who are in actual need of it would be so great and satisfying…It will make your soul happy! So it’s a request to give it a shot 🙂





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