Helping Hands

There are innumerable number of people who have no shelter to live ,food to eat and the worst thing is that they don’t even have access to clean water .But still most of us spend so lavishly on weddings even though we are aware that it’s just a mere wastage of money nothing else .We... Continue Reading →

The Innocence of a kid

I saw a kid begging just outside my car window when I realized that I had seen that girl earlier. She went missing in the crowd still somehow I managed to find her out. She was roughly 6yrs or 7.Her frock was torn out and her hair was messy. I took her on my lap... Continue Reading →

Rhythm of life

The rhythm of life tunes itself to the music of time. Our heart as a drum beating inside is the true rhythm of life. whether rich or poor, there is one life on offer, Each day being a gift from God's box of treasure. Like sand trickling in the hour-glass, life at it's own pace... Continue Reading →


मैं नहीं कहती राज-ए-दिल सब बता दो मुझे पर वो तो कह जाते जो आंखों में छुपा के गए #SuDhi SuDhi

Intjar Rhega Hume

Intjar rhega hume ! Tumhare ek dfa Ane ka Vo mithi bato ka Hwa sang lhrane ka ! Han Intjar rhega hume ! Tumhara ahsash me jine ka Sang sur gane ka Najdikiya bdhane ka ! Han Intjar rhega hume ! Tumhare pass aane ka Pyar Mhobat to sukun Or tumhari aankho me kho jane... Continue Reading →


बड़ी बेशर्म सी होती जा रही है ज़िंदगी जिसकी जरूरत है उसी से दुर जा रही है ज़िंदगी #SuDhi SuDhi

चले गए वो

जाने वाले तो चले गए लेकिन तमाशा मेरी जंदगी का बन गया…. पुरी ज़िन्दगी वफा करके भी आज में बेवफ़ा बन गया ।।


इस बेरुखी पे कहा अब जाएं ख़ुदा वो लड़ते हैं मग़र समझाते जाते नहीं हमने रखा है उनको छूपा के बड़ा वो पास आते नहीं हम दुर जाते नहीं This is ridiculous now show the way where i can go He fight with me but do not understand I've kept him hidden Everytime everyday from... Continue Reading →

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