I adore her She is my love, my life. in my ephemeral life She spurs me how to cross ordeal I admit it She is my love, my life. In my achromatic life She provokes me how to become chromatic I admire her She is my love, my life. In my workaholic nature she instigate... Continue Reading →

Gentle Love

I am kissing you politely No sound, no disturbance with no clarification I wanna bite you softly on lips So can lick your intense blood I can feel your breathing, so hard Your intense feeling making me so tough This night, let you to the exotic adventure Touching you softly like a pearl

Silence Tear

Today, one year later, Soumya was watching Vivaan, her eyes collided coincidentally That too suddenly She wanted to speak a lot Hey Vivan Do you know what? Whenever I thought that I am not this, it is we,I felt you, i felt i was around you, when I was lost in a long crowd of... Continue Reading →


आज करवा चौथ है, वो ठंडी ठंडी हवाएं, रूह को ऐसे छू के गुजर रही थी, मानो जेठ की गर्मी में बे मौषमी बारिश मिल गई हो, आज की शाम में कुछ अलग ही रंग था, कुछ अलग ही जश्न कुछ अलग ही नशा, आज वो भी कपल साथ मे दिख रहे थे जिन्होंने लड़ने... Continue Reading →

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