Cheerful Lively Souls singing the songs of life

Cheerful Lively Souls singing the songs of life

A fairy tale told by many

During the span of a single life not all enjoy a fairy world

Amidst the seasons of life new chapters create unexpected stories

Amongst is the story of “Cancer”; Often disregarded by many

This “Unwanted friend” comes in disguise when least expected

Threats and Deaths break the faiths of many

Surrounded and supported by all yet feelings of loneliness and helplessness emerge

The guilt of not living enough when life gave the chance to suddenly arise

An emotion filled with emptiness

Who cares or even bother one day “thy name shall be whispered in someone’s prayer”

Why not tell the friend not to hurry?

Not knowing that the evil is indeed a blessing in disguise

Does life end when illness knocks at the door?

Life lived is still left behind

Why carry this horrible feeling alongside?

The strength within burst out

Will power and determination-the battle is fought undoubtedly

Breaking all taboos, and silences

Why let the guilt kill softly?

Prayers and faith become the best mate

A blessing in disguise as the soul is determined more than ever

Reinventing the self Thankful to this friend.


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